What I Offer

End-to-end analytics

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Filling-in your Data Strategy Gaps: 10 Reasons Why your Data Initiative will Fail and How to Get it Right the First Time (Q3)

Writing your First Testing Suite with pytest for your Machine Learning model (Q2)

Communication and Transparency

Collaborate with all stakeholders

Translate business questions into actionable insights and prioritize initiatives

Data Strategy

Immediate, Short and Long term

Define and scope out data strategy and KPIs, from pre-product to release


Production code, reproducible report or dashboard

Deliver end-to-end solutions to business questions


In-person, one-on-one or team

Create customized tutorials on topics in data science and software development to level-up your team

Who I Am

10+ years of experience helping companies make better data-driven decisions

  • Developed performance metrics to evaluate network connectivity for networking start-up
  • Built near-real time recommendation engine for a social media start-up to improve social media engagement posts via ExtraTrees, and productionalized as an API via AWS SageMaker, Python and Docker
  • Operationalized subscription box experience to minimize customer churn for fashion start-up, by parsing price and color feedback in near-real time and delivered as an API via sanic, spacy and custom sklearn pipelines of OOP classes
  • Invented novel image compression algorithm for high resolution images (Ph.D. thesis, NASA GSRP) and uncovered similarities in temperature gradients between White Oval (captured by the Hubble Space Telescope) and the Great Red Spot on Jupiter; findings confirmed by Juno mission in 2018
  • Taught 300+ academic and industry professionals best practices for productionalizing Machine Learning models by teaching a core graduate course at UCLA Statistics Department (2019), speaking at SoCal PyData (2018), SoCal Python (2018) and Big Data Day LA (2017)

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