What I Offer

End-to-end analytics

Communication and Transparency

Collaborate with all stakeholders

Translate business problems into actionable insights for analysis or RFP

Data ETL

Numerical, text or image data

Preprocess raw data ahead of model development

Model Development

Causal, descriptive or novel

Develop models to answer business questions (e.g. drivers of outcomes, recommender systems, look-alike and time-to-event models), extend existing algorithms or invent new methods as needed


Production code, reproducible report or dashboard

Deliver pipeline to answer current and future business questions and generate revenue


In-person, one-on-one or team

Create customized, targeted tutorials for team growth and development

Who I Am

Data Scientist who enjoys solving challenging problems

  • 10 years of experience
  • Presented best practices for productionalizing Machine Learning models at SoCal PyData (2018), SoCal Python (2018)) and Big Data Day LA (2017)
  • Productionalized near-real time recommendation engine for a social media start-up to forecast a post's engagement rate 48-hours in advance, via AWS SageMaker and Docker
  • Built an end-to-end cohort retention analysis dashboard for a consultancy start-up via pySpark and SparkSQL in Databricks Notebook
  • Categorized clothing descriptions for a fashion start-up via SVM and Neural Networks in Python
  • Developed recommender systems for start-ups in IoT (mobile and oil manufacturing) in Python
  • Invented novel method for comparing patients' physiologies for a major pediatric hospital
  • Invented novel image compression algorithm for analyzing high resolution images (Ph.D. thesis, NASA GSRP)

Let's Collaborate